The thirteen questions in this step determine whether or not you are required to provide parental information on the application. Students answering no to these questions will continue the form with parental information. Students answering yes to any question are exempt from providing parental information and can skip Step 4 (numbers 59-94).

Occasionally, a student's family circumstances seem to indicate that the student should not be required to provide parental information. Student income, place of residence, and parents' unwillingness to participate are NOT grounds for such a decision. Leaving parental information blank when it is required will enable a student to receive only an unsubsidized Stafford loan and may require contact with the financial aid office. Only the financial aid administrator at the school where you are planning to attend can make such a determination and provide a dependency override or process the FAFSA without parent information. If you believe your application should be treated differently than those of other students, contact the financial aid office at the school to determine what documentation is required.

Answering yes to any of these questions may require you to send official documentation to your college financial aid office.