Student Tax Exemptions:

This information can be found on the following lines:

  • Form 1040 - Line 6d
  • Form 1040A - Line 6d
  • Form 1040EZ - If you checked either "you" or "spouse" on Line 5 of the 1040EZ form, use Worksheet F on the reverse side of the 1040EZ to determine your number of exemptions ($3500 equals one exemption). If you answer no on line 5, enter 01 if you are single or 02 if you are married.

Another option for 1040EZ - If a parent claims a student on their tax return the student will list 0. Exemptions may not necessarily be the same as the number of people living in your household. Indicate the exemptions as they appear on the tax return.

1040 Example:

1040A Example:

1040EZ Example: