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Welcome to the Activities Resume! This free tool will help you track your extracurricular activities, honors and awards throughout high school. Then the information is available when it's time to apply for a job, college admission and scholarships.

How it works
After logging in with your e-mail address and a password (If you have a ScholarshipQuest account, use the same log-in information), the program will prompt you to submit information used to build your resume. Return to the Activities Resume often to keep your information up to date.

EducationQuest will store your resume indefinitely as long as you update it at least every nine months. Don't worry...we'll send you e-mail reminders. You can always access your resume using your e-mail address and password.

The importance of getting involved!
Here are some reasons why you should join clubs at school or volunteer in your community:

You'll explore potential career interests. Think you might want to work in the medical profession? Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. Interested in politics? Try running for student council. You get the idea…

You'll have a better chance of earning scholarships. Many are based on extracurricular activities and community service.

You'll make new friends. And they'll be friends who share your interests.

You'll become more organized. The busier you are the more organized you have to be. Be selective and choose activities that strongly appeal to you.

It gives you an "out." If friends suggest activities that could get you into trouble, your busy schedule provides the perfect excuse.

You'll work with adults who can help shape your life. Whether it's a coach, yearbook advisor or youth group leader - you'll work with strong adult mentors who can help keep your life on track.

It's fun! Talk to any student who's involved in extracurricular activities, they'll tell you it's a good time.